Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oxford: an international university


Oxford University has been at the forefront of understanding the world and shaping it for centuries. Since the Enlightenment, Oxford has been one of the world’s most influential and international universities.

  • Today, one third of our students and academic staff are from overseas.
  • We collaborate with colleagues around the world on topics of international importance, from the origins of the universe to the challenges of present-day globalisation.
  • Our tutorial system is famous for the intensive, rigorous education it provides.
  • Our graduate programmes train academic leaders around the globe.
  • Centuries before most of today’s leading universities existed, we welcomed our first international student, Emo of Friesland, in 1190. Decades before most universities became interested in international students, the Rhodes Scholarships started bringing talented international students to Oxford.
  • We have educated 25 British prime ministers and over 30 foreign presidents and prime ministers.
  • Oxford has defined the English language for many people around the world, through the dictionaries and other books of Oxford University Press (OUP), the world’s largest university press, present in 50 countries.

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