Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fees and Funding


Full information on fees can be found in the Graduate Studies Prospectus. All students should make adequate provision to cover their fees and expenses for the entire period of the expected study. MPhil and research students must remember to include adequate provision for the expenses of fieldwork where their thesis topic requires it. Opportunities to raise sufficient funding through teaching or research assistantships are not available within the Department.

Funding and Studentships

Departmental Awards

ODID offers a number of full scholarships (covering University and College fees, plus an amount towards maintenance), available to students on any of the courses it offers.
The criteria for selection will be outstanding academic ability and citizenship of (and normal residence in) a developing country as defined by the United Nations, with a preference for candidates from Sub-Saharan Africa. Continuation of scholarships in the case of multi-year courses (MPhil and DPhil) will be conditional upon a high standard of academic performance.
There is no separate application process. Candidates should choose 'Departmental Award' in the drop-down menu in the on-line application or write 'Departmental Award' on the paper application forms if they wish to be considered for one of these scholarships

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